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Modular Lightings

Stretch material is an ideal product to form any imaginable structures or designs to add some creative elements to the floor (with special supports added – legs), on the walls or in the ceiling – either to hang on the ceiling or be fastened on the base ceiling. Modular profiles give the flexibility to construct low weight frames and durable designs for every purpose – either as decorative elements or as lamps, which are easily adaptable in different interiors and they give endless charming design options.

The modular light solutions are fascinating design elements that will add personality to any room. You can have a special light solution in different shapes, changing colors, varied intensity, and many exciting motions adapted to the modules. New technology allows us to bent aluminum profiles, which is ideal for creating round lamps and any other suitable forms. After bending the profiles they must be painted. We offer various types of paints like glossy, matte, satin, and a wide assortment of shades. Our modules are equipped with corner fixation parts, LED lamps, power supply, and PVC film. As an option, such additional parts are available as a power supply unit with a dimmer function, the ability to print on the stretch ceiling any illustrative photos or patterns, and add various elements for suspensions and supports. We can create also convenient mobile solutions that can be transported to various events and be used multiple times. A well-designed lighting solution helps to ensure that harmonic and functional properties of light are well-balanced in space. Whether you aim to create the perfect atmosphere, add dynamism, energize the space, add ambiance with color, or complement the decor – our team will help to find the perfect solution for You.

Install on the wall or to the ceiling

Choose the color of the lights or let us print on it

Challenge us to create any shape or dimension modular lamp