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Light ceiling = integrated ceiling lamp

The light ceiling is an integrated ceiling lamp

A light ceiling made of translucent stretch material will undoubtedly save you from the annoying obligation to replace outdated and annoying appearance lamps because the evenly distributed light integrated behind the ceiling material is charmingly modest but at the same time very efficient and eye-catching lighting solution. By using high-quality LED luminaires, the lifespan of a beautiful and functional light ceiling solution is guaranteed for decades. At the same time, it is possible to choose among both warmer light tones (more cozy and romantic) and colder (daylight-identical light tones), and make them dimmable if desired, which ensures additional flexibility and comfort at any time to adjust the light to the desired brightness.

What is a light ceiling?

What is and what is not currently in fashion, also related to interior design and luminaires, changes inexorably often – what color, what shape, and which details are currently IN. One of the greatest advantages of the light ceiling for the customer is that the owner of the light ceiling does not have to worry about the light solution going out of fashion and undertake the exhausting activity, the replacement of outdated lamps. Stretch light ceiling is a very convenient ceiling solution, which flawless installing goes quickly (one 40 m2 room within a day), providing practical lighting function in combination with its room decorating ability.

There are endless ways to create a unique light design with stretch material:

  • integrated lamps that cover the wall or ceiling either partially or entirely or light solutions which start on one surface (on the walls) and move smoothly to another surface (to the ceiling or other wall for example),
  • use dimmable solutions to create a more flexible interior design,
  • design stretch modules with various shapes and dimensions, one can also have a 3D effect created with the light ceiling,
  • printed light ceiling to create personalized and unique looking interior design elements,
  • create double print (illusion print) effect ceiling modules – which will have printed images on both sides of the stretch material and have a different look when the backside light is switched on or turned off.

Besides, an important advantage of the light ceiling is that, when installed correctly, it does not collect dust (it is antistatic) and cannot become a favorite place for the insects to ruin the brightness and create ugly shadows on the ceiling with their bodies. To create the light ceiling, we recommend using high-quality LED luminaires offered by our good partner Intcenta (official Osram representative), which has an operating time of up to 75,000 hours. This is more or less a lifetime investment. 

What is a printed stretch ceiling?

The printed light ceiling is a decorative solution that adds more personality to space and affects your mood. To get a unique printed light ceiling, you will have to select a photo file, which can also be chosen among Vecta Design’s hundreds of different photo files (ask to see our print catalog), and we create an outstanding ceiling or a wall solution based on this photo. Approx. 20m2 of the stretch ceiling will be printed ready during 2-3 hours. The ceiling and LED lighting system will be installed quickly and without creating the usual construction debris, it only takes one day to give your home a completely new and fresh look. 

Which color light effect to choose?

Color temperature will have its influence on your interior. Nowadays, we do not only use lighting to decrease darkness, but we expect light design to be functionally beautiful. The design and atmosphere aspects have become more and more important.  As the color temperature of LED lamps has a big effect on the room interior, we offer you LED lamps with different degrees of Kelvin. Warm light has a more yellowish appearance and cold has a white to bluish appearance. 

Warm light is more often used at home, as it looks cozier and can create more contrasts in space. But when at the workplace (office, art gallery, and other working areas, restaurant kitchens for example), it`s better to use lighting with higher color temperatures, known as cold light. Warm light creates a more romantic atmosphere because it recreates the same elements as candlelight. On the other hand, using cold light, which is closest to daylight, makes people happier and more energized. 

Light design and light color effects combined with safe and certified stretch material will have a positive impact on your well-being.

With printed stretch material it is also possible to create illusion print. This is one product with two different outcomes, when the backlit is turned on or switched off. A unique way to personalize the interior design by adding double print either on the ceiling, on a wall or as a portable modul. Double print means that there is one photo printed on one side of the stretch material and the other photo is printed on the other side. This charming solution will take the room interior design one step further, because it will create two completely different interior design effects with and without backlight turned on.