Thermo panels

Thermo panels

Wall panels at home or in the office, provide pleasant additional warmth

If you live like us, in a country, where everybody complains about bad skiing weather all year round, you’re probably one of the many property or homeowners who is struggling with the humid cold in the living rooms. While heating cool air with conventional heaters is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, a carbon-based heating film allows objects located 3-4 m away from the panel to be heated up much faster. You will notice the warmth radiating from the panel in the first minute after it is connected to the mains.

The advantages of the PTC (positive temperature coefficient) warming wall panels

Dangerous and unreliable heaters cause unnecessary stress, but our Thermo panels are maintenance-free, energy-efficient, and therefore more environmentally friendly solutions that are comfortable to use. Thermo panels with integrated PTC carbon film, enhance the designs of many existing heaters, as they are completely safe and energy-efficient heaters suitable for installation in both large and small rooms. In addition to their beautiful design, another advantage is that PTC heating elements help to prevent moisture in the room and the resulting mold, do not burn oxygen or dry the air, and are suitable for installation in homes for allergy sufferers.

How does the panel work?

Self-regulating carbon heating films are installed inside the durable aluminum frame, the film width depends on the measures of the specific panel. To ensure maximum safety, the heating elements are designed to reduce electricity consumption by 30% when they have reached a maximum temperature of 65 degrees. These are efficient space heating panels with significantly lower heat loss compared to conventional higher temperature heating systems. For example, the 50 cm wide heating film has a diameter of 0.4 mm and consumes 110w / m of electricity.

Carbon heating films are fireproof and operate at low temperatures thanks to the heating wavelength of infrared technology, which distribute the warmth evenly and smoothly. PTC carbon film is a modern heating element, that has a long service life (for decades), eliminating the dangers of carbon monoxide leakage or explosion, which inevitably exist with some heat-generating solutions.

Change in power consumption at different temperatures








Ordinary heating foil







PTC carbon heating film     







Thermo panel provides an excellent opportunity to improve the interior design of the room by adding individual design elements to the walls or ceiling, which can also be ordered in tailor-made size. The PTC carbon film we use in our panels is produced in Korea and has a CE certification, which gives you a guarantee regarding the quality of the product. Panels as a source of additional heating, ensure a pleasant and even room temperature – to make the everyday life more pleasant for you and your loved ones!