A stretch ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of a thin, lightweight plastic material stretched tightly over a metal framework. The material is custom-cut to fit the size and shape of the room and can be easily installed under an existing ceiling without the need for demolition.

There are several advantages to using stretch ceilings over traditional ceiling options. Firstly, they are easy to install, maintenance-free, and long-lasting. Secondly, they offer a smooth, seamless finish that can be painted or printed in any color or design, creating a highly decorative and modern look. Thirdly, stretch ceilings are also water-resistant and can be wiped clean, making them ideal for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, stretch ceilings offer many practical benefits, including improved acoustics and the ability to hide unsightly pipes and wires. They can also be fitted with LED lighting systems to create a warm, ambient glow.

When considering different types of ceilings, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each option. While traditional ceilings are often cheaper, they can be more difficult to install and maintain, and may require frequent touch-ups or repainting. In contrast, stretch ceilings offer a highly customizable, low-maintenance, and durable solution that provides an attractive and practical finish for any room.

Carefully planned

Boring and expressionless ceiling is not our cup of tea. We love to create charming solutions and make the rooms invitingly beautiful. Our mission is to inspire and encourage people to dream and make their dreams come true.

Environmentally friendly

We care a lot about the environment and wasting is not our style. The materials that we use are 100% recyclable, this is why we are collecting the production residue, to give the high quality material a new life.


Customers, used to continuing progress and improvement, expect always more. That`s why the innovation is one of the keys to growth and we take it as a top priority for our company, to develop new and fascinating ceiling solutions.


Sheran Design tests its products on regular basis. Our products meet the fire safety, acoustic and thermal insulation classification. Our stretch ceilings are also safe to use in rooms with high humidity, because they are moisture-resistant and allergy-free.

Acoustic Solutions

Noise pollution is a serious health concern worth our attention. But Vecta Design can help – we are offering a realistic, guaranteed, and sustainable way to reduce such an environmental threat. Whenever there is a need to improve room acoustics, our soundproofing ceiling solutions are an easy, elegant, and effective way to make any space acoustical quality better.

Cornice solutions

Among our profile systems, there are solutions for those who would like to create a soft mood lighting impact that provides additional warmth into a room without being overly dramatic. This profile enables us to light up the ceiling and to create an extra spacious effect at the same time.