wand oplossingen


Klassiek Spanplafond
Achtergrondverlichte Spanplafonds
Geprinte Plafonds
wand oplossingen
Akoestische Oplossingen
Lineaire verlichtingsoplossingen
Modulaire Verlichting
Wand- en plafondpanelen
Levendige panelen
Modern railsysteem voor verlichting
Dimbare verlichtingsoplossingen

wand oplossingen

Having a flawless surface on walls is very easy to achieve. With printed or textile canvas such walls can add uniqueness and classy touch in every interior style. You can even effectively highlight Your walls and add a light source on the walls when combining our walls with appropriate light profiles.

Are you worried about how the wall made of stretch material will withstand any pressure, pets, or unexpectedly acting children? We have installed stretch ceilings to homes where there are cats and dogs, babies and active children playing all along with the room – the material has withstood all these potential hazards. Moreover, the test in which we fired the cap of the champagne bottle, at a speed of 40 km per hour, on the surface of the stretch ceiling, showed that the cap did nothing to the stretch ceiling, no visible damage occurred and everything was in perfect condition as before. The resistance of the material to unexpected damage, including water damage (the material is water repellent), is a significant advantage of the product.

Don’t treat your walls as an afterthought, instead use this amazing design opportunity.

Upgrade your home or office by using printed stretch ceiling or wall solutions that will add a touch of uniqueness and will definitely be an eye-catching decorative element in the place.


Printing on a wall gives endless highlighting possibilities


Light walls, an exclusive decorative addition in the room


All light ceilings can be combined with acoustic solutions