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How are Vibrant panels and people’s music listening habits related?

The United States consumers spend almost 27 hours per week listening to music and the report for 2019 revealed that an average person spends approx 18 hours a week listening to music. This means 2,6 hours of music on a daily basis. Sure some of this listening is passive (as background music) and some are active and the way people do it (listen to the music) varies from person to person. But the survey surely proves that people love listening to music and despite the age of the person, this is one of the most popular activities.

track lighting system, stereo panel, wall panel vecta designIf listening to music is such an elementary part of everyday life for so many people, then it is natural to assume that you can listen to music easily and comfortably. To enjoy listening to music, no one should be looking for the right wires or a lost speaker, or deal with a problem like depleted battery, or a rather confusing system settings. There is no need for any complicated systems that make simple things unnecessarily complicated. Vecta Design’s beautiful speaker panel ensures high-quality sound that you can start and control from your smart device via Bluetooth. So your phone will be a handy remote control for the device. Thus, Vibrant panels make listening to music, enjoyable and joyful leisure activity.

stereo panel, vibrant panel, wall panel, panels, printed panel, decoration, interior design, functional design, vecta designSpeaker as an interior design element and a piece of art.

It does matter how your speaker (or amplifier) ​​looks like. If the device is intended for use in a specific location, it should be a device that harmoniously matches the overall impression and the design of the room, and not just an expressionless box that acts as a redundant object. In addition to excellent sound power, a modern speaker should also provide an eye-catching and an additional decorative interior element of the room, even if the music is not currently playing. Vibrant panels are covered with high-quality printed textiles, the elasticity allows the cover to be changed comfortably, even daily if needed. Thus, it is possible to change the appearance of the room with the help of different speaker panel covers every time a need arises. One thing is for sure, no room is too small or too spacious to install our Vibrant panel and to offer yourself a concert-like sound quality experience with our beautiful speaker panels. The speaker panel does not necessarily have to be fixed to the wall, but it can also be placed on the ceiling. Vecta Design speaker panels are therefore a good investment in terms of their flexible design and usability.

How does the design work?

The BCD technology speaker (two-way MAC Audio speakers with 80/280W power) with an output power of 100 watts per RMS channel system, is integrated into a strong and durable aluminum frame, covered with a corrosion-resistant coating. The frame is covered with a high-quality elastic textile. The standard dimensions of the frame are from 60 x 120 cm and up to 120 x 250 cm, but panels with a speaker system can also be made as a tailor-made solution with the desired dimensions. The cover material of the panel can be printed with the desired patterns, photos from photo banks or illustrations selected from our photo catalog.