Silent panels

Silent panels

Bring silence to the room with Silent wall panel

Different sounds, including unwanted sounds, are inseparable companions of our daily lives, and as time goes on, noise becomes an even bigger problem, because it constantly occurs in people’s living environment and spreads everywhere. Thus, noise is one of the most common and important factors reducing the quality of life in our everyday environment. Persistently high-noise environments cause a wide range of health problems, both physical and mental, and up to 60% of the population is affected by strong environmental noise across the EU. Excessive noise damage and its costs to society as a whole have been estimated by up to 2% of GDP.

An unpleasantly noisy environment means that it is difficult to work, rest, sleep, communicate and learn, and it is therefore important to reduce the impact of strong noise sources in your living and working environment and to place more emphasis on sound insulation in rooms.


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How to get rid of unpleasant noise?

For the noise not to cause stress and permanent hearing damage, it is necessary to think through the room’s acoustic comfort when designing new working and living spaces. Noise can be successfully controlled and reduced in previously completed buildings and rooms by planning acoustic adjustments. Remember that it is important to respond adequately to excessive noise.

One way to improve room acoustics is to install acoustic panels, called Silent panels in Sheran panel series. Silent panels have different standard dimensions, but they can also be tailor-made, and besides, the panels are sound-absorbing interior elements with flexible wall and ceiling mounting options. The panels combined with acoustic wool correspond to sound absorption class A, which means that the product’s ability to absorb sounds is maximally good. The acoustic wool we use is mineral wool combined from PET recycled fiber and thermal fiber, which has a maximum fire resistance class, with a water vapor diffusion resistance µ of 3.11 and a wool density of 50 kg/m³. Where exactly is the most reasonable place to install the Silent panel depends on the dimensions of the room, the noise level in the room, the purpose of the room, as well as the location of the main noise sources, as the sound propagating along the surface of the panel is not absorbed.


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The acoustic panel does not have to mean something gray and boring, instead it could also delight the eye and be an elegant addition to any room. Therefore, in addition to single-color stretch material coatings, Silent panels can also be covered with a bright embossed print or simply with the desired pattern or illustration or photo. A modern home, office, and public space should be a space with a well-thought-out and well-planned design that is safe and comfortable for its residents.

Wall panel – is one panel on the wall enough?

To find the most practical location for the panels and to reduce the noise level, it is wise to involve an acoustics expert in the planning process who has knowledge of architecture, technology, and physics and who knows exactly how to measure and calculate noise levels and how a room with good acoustics must sound like. Vecta Design cooperates with acoustics expert Linda Madalik, whose experience in the field of room acoustics dates back to 1972, when she started working in Estonia at that time in a new field, ie the design of building acoustics. Linda, who is also an honorary member of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, has designed the acoustics of many representative buildings of Estonian cultural life, including concert halls, theaters and schools, and other public space objects, during her successful career. Linda has also created solutions that ensure acoustic comfort on private objects, which are both eye-catching and practical. As well as Sheran Design’s acoustic ceiling and wall solutions, in which we focus on offering a unique, functional, and long-lasting design.