Classic stretch ceiling

Classic stretch ceiling

Sheran Design offers a market-leading quality of stretch ceilings, wall coverings, and light modules that are made of certified materials, which meet all safety requirements. Stretch ceiling is a modern type of material, a suspended ceiling system made of lightweight PVC foil, which makes it easy to create diverse and awesome interior design solutions that are practical, aesthetic, and eye-catching at the same time. We offer hundreds of color varieties, different textures, and effects, but also UV printing possibility, which means that there are no limits in creating unique ceiling solutions. Stretch ceiling is an incredibly durable, lightweight, and versatile material.

Stretch ceilings and sustainability:

We encourage our clients to use our products in a sustainable way. The production of pvc is not as sustainable as some alternatives. However, very few alternatives last as long as our material without any maintenance or chemical treatment. Since placing our first ceiling over 15 years ago, we have never had to replace a single one, and in that same period you will never have to paint our ceilings or clean them with chemicals. Therefore we can say that using stretch material is a great alternative for creating sustainable construction projects. 

The ceilings can be taken down, placed back, and even relocated to different rooms or buildings. The production of our ceiling material is done for 100% in Europe, so we reduce transport. When choosing for a light ceiling, no additional light fixtures have to be used and thus no unnecessary fabrication and shipping around the world. Naturally, our materials meet RoHS compliance which means no harmful plastic softeners and a restriction of specific hazardous materials. And best of all, our ceilings are in a lot of cases completely recyclable.

Our ideas for using our product in a sustainable way:

When choosing a design, try to choose something you think will still suit your taste in the future or go for something timeless.  

When moving to a different location, contact us to see how your ceiling can be relocated or inform the new owners/tenants of your building of the possibilities they have with our products.

Choose our ceiling to lower the existing ceiling height and thus reduce the space you need to heat up. Higher ceilings are also bad for room acoustics, so you can have two benefits for the price of one. 

If possible, choose a ceiling with integrated light sources as you will not have to deal with additional light fixtures that might start to bore you after some time anyway.

We collect our production residue and direct it to be recycled, to give the material a new life.

Producing stretch ceilings does not require the use of water, in this sense, we are contributing to the conservation of water resources. As water is one of the most vital substances in the world, it is important to preserve this integral natural resource.

As this material is very light and easy to pack, it is convenient to transport many large ceilings from point A to point B, and in one truck there can be many stretch ceilings loaded at the same time, reducing emissions for the entirety of the transport. One truck can hold up to 378 packages, each of these could have 100m2 of folded Vecta stretch ceiling inside. This means that one truck can transport 37800 m2 of ceiling. Heavy and solid ceiling materials sometimes need to be transported with multiple trucks, making them an option with a much larger ecological footprint.

If sustainable and environmentally friendly ceiling solutions match with your values, don`t hesitate to get in touch. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your home or office:


Classic, yet trendy and fresh


Design backlit ceilings and unique lamps


Elegant surfaces with magical attraction


Traditional (plaster-like) looking interior with additional glow


Create a classic, velvety finish


Create acoustic comfort with style