Print Ceilings

Print Ceilings

A printed ceiling is a great way to personalize Your space. It can be used in the ceilings, on the walls, covering the design lamps, and on wall and ceiling panels. Printed interior design elements are eye-catching details that shape the interior design as a whole. Depending on the purpose, printed elements can give space liveliness and create ambient experience solutions, but also calm, encourage or provide a suitable distraction for example in healthcare. In pediatric healthcare, in dental offices, kindergartens, and other places where the design sensitivity and users’ needs should be even more in focus, the printed ceiling and wall solution can be much more than just a decoration element. Printed ceiling or wall can therefore be an important part of the customer journey.

We can print up to 5m wide stretch materials and on any texture of ceiling and any color of films: matte, satin, lacquer, translucent, metallic. Inks that are used in the UV-printer are ecological and free from harmful substances and have no odor. To get the most accurate color in the printing process we use the X-Rite Pro tool, which is ideal for such creative designs, as we are dealing with. The tool helps us in creating custom, high-quality, and most accurate colors needed in the printing project. 

Illusion print 

One ceiling with multiple ways to be seen (double print)


Printing can be combined with sound absorbing materials


Printed light ceilings – personalized and charming solutions