Modern track lighting system

Modern track lighting system

Track lighting system, Easy Light profile – a smart choice!

Easy Light profile is specially designed for interiors, where there is a specific need to change the adequate lighting in the space. For example in a store, art gallery, in the office, exhibition center or other public but also private buildings. This modern track lighting system is innovative and integrated light profile system, which intentionally allows us to combine stretch ceiling and different light fixtures. But the profile is suitable to use at any room as it works with more traditional materials (like gypsum) as well. 

The main advantages of the modern track lighting system

Integrate the additional or main light source in the ceiling – by creating new, attractive light effects in the space.
Choose among warm or neutral color temperature or prefer the lamps which has the switch for changing the light color temperature at any moment.
Easily change the location of the lamps and avoid costly construction investments when light design needs to be changed in the space.
* Such a solution is durable and without any need for care, which makes it an economically reasonable choice.
A wide variety of different lamps can be used at the same time or can be changed occasionally.

Sandy black finish of the profile makes it possible to create color contrasts or harmonical matching in the space and matte black finishes tends to be one of the timeless interior design trends, making our profile a super versatile product to use.

One of the characteristics of an excellent design is that it must work fluently well. This profile definitely will. It positively enhances the necessary quality of the user experience by making the light changing task an enjoyable and fun way to upgrade the interior design. The profile is suitable for any room, especially if the interior design is contemporary and finished with modern building materials, such as a stretch ceiling, but it also works with more traditional materials, like gypsum. You can choose to use it however you like or combine it with different materials at the same time. 

Technical info:

The aluminum track lighting system is equipped with a metal strip and a magnetic strip at the bottom of the modern lamps. Throughout the profile, there are electrically conductive contact strips on both sides of the profile, that allow changing the location of the lamps easily. To use visually different lamps, which may provide more warm or neutral light in the room, but also lamps with more widely diffused light beams or lamps with a more narrow light beam – a convenient solution based on the specific needs of the situation requires.

You can choose among different styles of lamps, each with its unique design and different dimensions, which gives you endless ways to re-design the lighting of the room whenever you want. Another great thing is that the light of the lamps is so discrete you can barely see the light source. It is called a dark light, which sets a more natural mood and creates a more harmonious, gentle light for the lighting atmosphere – while being easy on the eyes. This guarantees that you won’t need to ponder about the height or the location of the lights. To make use of your new solution as comfortable as possible, we also offer different ways to control the already adjusted lighting – you can use a wall-switch or remote control.


Light is an essential part of the pleasant feeling, particularly in those environments, we spend a lot of our time. This unique profile will provide for the designers and architects more flexibility to implement creativity without the need to worry about the restrictions that the fixed light solutions in the room will usually have.