Backlit Stretch Ceilings

Backlit Stretch ceilings

You don’t need additional lamps in the room anymore, which are going out of fashion too fast anyway. Vecta Design has a better solution for You. Our lighting stretch ceilings, created with translucent stretch material and high quality LED strips, can be used as the main source of light or as an exclusive decorative addition in the space. Make the whole ceiling shine, use dimmable solutions, or divide the ceiling into different zones, where LED lighting ceiling areas and other stretch material effects vary. So you can turn your entire ceiling into a light fixture or install impressive backlit panels in the interior. The spectrum of design possibilities when using LED lighting combined with stretch film is endless.

Light in the interior can bring freshness, joy, and brightness to the room. Light can also visually change various objects of the interior, make them stand out or hide. We have developed a whole line of original and unique light profiles called VECTA LIGHT Solutions, which will add some practical style to your interior – we can install the solutions either to the walls or to the ceilings. 

There is also a possibility to add color-changing RGB LED lighting behind the translucent stretch ceiling. RGB LED can be used for a wide selection of color options and will most certainly create a far more playful finish than just an ordinary cool or warm white color.  As we know then lighting plays a very important role in creating the look and feel of a room, but the color is just as important as brightness. Combining RGB LED lighting and the printed stretch ceiling is a suitable solution for creating different interior designs.


Exclusive profile solutions, that add style to the interior


All light ceilings can be combined with acoustic solutions


Printed light ceilings – personalized and charming solutions