Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic solutions

Unreasonable noise can cause stress, productivity losses in the workplace, communication difficulties, and fatigue from lack of sleep, to more serious issues. Noise pollution is a serious health concern worth our attention. But Vecta Design can help – we are offering a realistic, guaranteed, and sustainable way to reduce such an environmental threat. Whenever there is a need to improve room acoustics, our soundproofing ceiling solutions are an easy, elegant, and effective way to make any space acoustical quality better. We also offer tailor-made wall and ceiling panels with maximum, class A, sound-absorbing qualities, and custom design printed on those practical panels.

Rooms with good acoustics maintain people’s health, ensure smooth communication, affect people’s well-being, and also promote productivity. For your next construction projects and objects under renovation to receive an acoustic solution that takes into account the needs of the inhabitants, workers, and users, we recommend involving an acoustics expert who knows architecture, technology, and physics. Vecta Design is cooperating with Linda Madalik, an experienced acoustics expert, who knows where and exactly how much acoustic solution is needed to install for the acoustic comfort to be guaranteed in each room.

Print any pattern or images on perforated materials

Create acoustic modules and panels

Combined solutions for acoustic and integrated light